Client Queue Transport

I wrote a quick client transport and STOMP implementation that can be used with ActiveMQ.

The transport can take multiple handlers all STOMP or a combination of STOMP, HTMP, XMPP, etc.

sh = StompHandler(queueName, data)
servers = [(('localhost', 61613), sh),]
ct = ClientTransport(servers)
  1. Pass the queue name and the data into the handler.
  2. The servers variable is a sequence of sequences which itself is a sequence and the instantiated handler object.

  3. The timeout in the connect call determines the length of time the transport will try to make a connection to ActiveMQ. This is handy if you are doing this from a Web Service which needs to send a response to a client.

  4. The timeout in the poll call determines the time a select.poll() object will look for activity on the socket connection.

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