Dynamically Importing Python Modules

If you ever need to dynamically import Python modules this short function will do the trick. The modules will be imported into the importing module's __main__ scope.

def importMods(path, fromList, asList=None):
    This function will import modules into the global scope relative to
    this function.

    @param path: The path to the module.
    @param fromList: A list containing the items to import.
    @keyword asList: A one for one match to C{fromList} indicating the
                     names to be used in the import.
    modules = __import__(path, globals(), locals(), fromList, -1)
    if not asList: asList = fromList

    if len(asList) != len(fromList):
        msg = 'len(asList) != len(fromList)'
        raise ValueError(msg)

    for asMod, mod in zip(asList, fromList):
        exec "importMods.func_globals['%s'] = modules.%s" % (asMod, mod)

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