Below are various things I have figured out and documented. Some come with scripts and others are just verbiage at least one is just a off site link.

W: GPG error: off site

Bootup Howto off site

CAM Upside Down & Bad Audio

Chain Load Grub

Changing Directory or File Permissions Recursively

CUPS Printer on Windows

Ubuntu Configure Courier off site


Fan Speed High

CompileFFmpeg off site

Find Machines On Your Network

Firefox Configuration

Firewall with UFW off site

Flip CAM images when upside down

GRUB 2 Rescue off site

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Nexus off site


Install cups on Raspberry Pi off site

Installing Print Services for UNIX on Windows

KDE 4.3 Upgrade On Jaunty off site

Lenovo Sound Issues

Lenovo WiFi Issues

Logitech V270 Bluetooth Mouse off site

Linux File System Type off site

Low Level HD Format

Monet DB Installation--Ubuntu

Multi Monitor Config

Multi-Page Printing of Large Graphic Files--CUPS

Mounting Disk Image Files off site

MySQL Issues When Moving DB

MySQL Converting 5.0 to 5.1


Performing backups with netcat off site

Python-Recompile Library .pyc and .pyo Files

Raspberry Pi WiFi Config

Setting the language on Debian derived Linux

Setup date time on Debian derived Linux

Setup Sierra USBConnect Mercury

Subversion to Git

Synaptics Touchpad

Ubuntu Commands

Ubuntu Setup Django

Video Format Conversion

Wireshark Setup

HOWTO setup postfix and dovecot

Postfix Setup off site

Dovecot Setup off site

Setup Mail Server Ubuntu 14.04 off site

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